All Nippon Airways helps promote tourism in Japan

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HOKKAIDO: Hokkaido in Japan is a sight to behold in winters. It gets covered in a heavy blanket of snow. Despite heavy snowfall, ANA, or All Nippon Airways makes sure that flights are not delayed.

Tourism is slowly reviving in Japan. Many tourists visit Hokkaido in winter. Popular Japanese YouTuber Kimono Mom has recently joined the winter Hokkaido tour.

ANA organizes ANA Akindo (merchant) to promote inbound tourism and accelerate the Japanese economy.

After a 1-hour car drive, the Kiroro Resort welcomes many skiers from Asia, the Pacific, the USA, and Europe for a grand skiing experience. Kimono Mom and her family enjoyed playing in the snow.

MOE Kimono Mom, YouTuber, said, “It’s really soft snow.” Another beautiful tourist destination in Japan is Otaru city. It has a historical canal that was constructed 100 years ago. Around the canal, there is an old factory warehouse building. At night these gas lights produce a beautiful illusion.”

MOE Kimono Mom, YouTuber said, “It was so beautiful like in a movie.” Fresh sushi dinner is the enjoyment of Otaru night. Even sushi chef is trying to promote Charm of winter Otaru’s fresh sushi by preparing attractive business card.

Otaru city keeps grass craftsmanship. It is preserved from an oil rump grass facility to improve to sightseer’s experimental art. Yoichi distillery was established as a fruit juice factory 90 years ago. It keeps old historic building.

Minoru Koyama, ANA AKINDO, said, “Otaru city is the town adjacent to big city, so it has problem such as transit tourism and short stay of tourists. If tourists stay overnight, they can enjoy cruise of Otaru canal at night and see the scenery it is enabled by only night experience. Tourists can also enjoy the seasonal fish of Otaru at more than 100 sushi restaurants. I think it is necessary for tourists for having these experience.”

Sapporo snow festival is the symbolic event of Hokkaido during the winter season. MOE Kimono Mom, YouTuber, said, “People from both Japan and foreign countries gather in Sapporo, and it’s prosperous and funny.”

MOTO Dad said, “We fully enjoyed the snow in the daytime and night. The powder snow was amazing and the canal in Otaru at night was wonderful. There were so many charms that we couldn’t experience unless visiting.”

All Nippon Airways is playing a vital role in providing the best of its services to tourists coming to Japan. (ANI)

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