Air Mauritius flight MK 749 delayed for over 5 hours, passenger facing problem

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MUMBAI: Passengers on Air Mauritius flight MK 749 from Mumbai to Mauritius are experiencing a concerning situation.

As per a passenger, the flight, originally scheduled to depart at 4:30 am, has been grounded for over 5 hours due to an engine problem.
Passengers report being boarded around 3:45 am and subsequently locked inside the aircraft, enduring extreme discomfort with air conditioning not functioning.

Meanwhile, a 78-year-old passenger, identified as Banudutt Boolauky, is reportedly struggling due to breathing difficulties. Attempts to contact airport authorities and Air Mauritius have reportedly been unsuccessful.

“Flight MK 749 Air Mauritius from Mumbai to Mauritius was to depart at 4:30 am. Passengers boarded at 3.45 am onwards. The plane has developed an engine problem but the passengers remain locked inside the plane for the last 5 hours and are not being allowed to disembark. A 78-year-old passenger on the plane, Banudutt Boolauky, has developed breathing problems as Acs are not working and he is lying at the back of the plane. Have contacted the airport helpline and Air Mauritius but nothing has been done so far,” a passenger said.

According to a passenger, the flight has been cancelled and other necessary arrangements are being made. A statement from the Airline on the incident is awaited. (ANI)

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