Air India clarifies town hall organised to clarify doubts on revised pay issue

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NEW DELHI: Air India clarified that the town hall which happened on Thursday was organised to “clarify the doubts” of the pilots in Air India who have not yet accepted the new compensation structure.

An AI spokesperson said, “The set of pilots in Air India, who have not yet accepted the new compensation structure, have also been reaching out seeking engagement. Considering these requests, we have organised a town hall to clarify their doubts”.

Recently, AI pilot unions ICPA and IPG wrote to the management and expressed their unhappiness over the revised pay structure. Before the town hall on Thursday, the Air India Commercial Pilot Association, on April 21, sent a legal notice to its chief human resources officer with respect to the proposed revised terms and conditions of service of pilots.

The legal notice stated that the members of the association were astonished to receive emails addressed to them individually by the ‘Air India HR Team’ on April 16 and 17.

For the pilots with four years of seniority as Commanders in Air India, the email announced, “Congratulations! You have been promoted as Senior Commander, which is an Executive Role”

The legal notice sent by the association, through advocate Bharat Gupta, quoted the email as stating that as a ‘Senior Commander’ the pilots will be responsible for carrying out flying as well as management duties and will be eligible for a monthly ‘Management Allowance’. (ANI)

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