After tomatoes, now prices of onions soar

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU, CHITRADURGA: After the spike in prices of tomatoes, now the onion price is hovering close to Rs 100 per kg. At present, the price of onion per kg is between Rs 88 and Rs 99.

Ahead of the Deepavali festival, onion prices in the state have been rising significantly due to the high demand while the prevailing drought situation may have also been a contributing factor.

The price of onions increased suddenly and traders are expecting that it will increase further in two or three days to reach Rs 100 soon. The upward trend will continue until Deepavali, they said.

Onions have not been supplied from Nashik, Challakere and Ballari to the city and hence, the price has increased. Even consumers are worried about the price hike. The prices skyrocketed as there was no proper supply and may go up to Rs 110 for Deepavali, says a HOPCOMS trader.

Riaz, an onion trader from Chikkodi, said, “Onion prices have doubled in a week. Consumers are thinking twice before making purchases. Last week, the price was between Rs 30 to Rs 40 per kg and it has now reached Rs 60 to Rs 80 in the retail market. Due to this, customers are buying less. Traders are selling onions at a higher price because they are getting onions for Rs 50 to Rs 60 per kg in the APMC market. The number of onion buyers has decreased and the business has slowed down”.

Chandrashekhar, a residet of Chikkodi, said middlemen are taking advantage by stocking onion. “This is a conspiracy by middlemen to make profit. The rising prices are a burden for common people. The middlemen are creating an artificial shortage in the market. The poor are not able to buy onions and are suffering. The government should take proper measures to control the rising price of onion”, he felt.

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