Afghanistan: 25 killed, 10 injured in landslide in Nuristan province

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KABUL (Afghanistan): At least 25 people lost their lives following a massive landslide in the Nuristan province of Afghanistan on Monday, Khaama Press reported, citing the Taliban-led Ministry of Disaster Management.

Moreover, 10 people have also sustained injuries in the landslide that hit the Nuragaram district of Nuristan province.

Mohammad Abdullah Jan, the ministry’s head of Information and Communications, announced in a recent statement that the mountain slide, caused by recent rains in the village of “Nakrah” in Nurgaram district, resulted in both human casualties and the complete or partial destruction of 15 to 20 residential houses.

He said that recent rains have caused roadblocks in the provinces of Nuristan, Kunar, and Panjshir.

Quoting the head of information and communications at the Ministry of Disaster Management, Khaama Press reported that a snow avalanche hit Panjshir province, resulting in the disappearance of five workers.

However, local officials in Panjshir have claimed that two of these miners have already died.

Recent natural catastrophes in Afghanistan, such as landslides and avalanches, have resulted in considerable loss of life and property damage.

Moreover, due to the faltering economy and the extreme humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the citizens of the country are unable to make ends meet.
Already grappling with poverty, Afghanistan found itself sinking further into destitution due to international isolation and the economic turmoil triggered by the Taliban’s takeover in 2021 (ANI)

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