Actor Darshan celebrates his 47th birthday

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BENGALURU: ‘Challenging Star’ Darshan celebrated his 47th birthday today, and millions of fans couldn’t keep calm. They have been celebrating with the trending hashtags #DBoss????#DBossBirthday on the social media and wishing him since right from midnight.

Thousands of fans gathered in front of Darshan’s residence in RR Nagar, Bengaluru and wished their favourite actor.

Fans, who had arrived from different parts of the state, were lined up 2 km around Darshan’s house. Darshan celebrated his birthday with his fans last night, started again this morning after some rest, and then celebrated his birthday with celebrities from the film industry. Some fans have gifted rice bags and food grains to the poor to mark the actor’s birthday.

Not only fansalso many prominent celebrities and co-artists from the film industry too met Darshan at his house and wished him on his special day. ‘Katera’ movie director Tarun Sudhir, actors Prajwal, Chikkanna, Vinod Prabhakar, Dhanveer, Zanaid Khan, Abhishek Ambarish and many other stars came to wish Darshan on his birthday.

Other fans flooded almost every social media platform with birthday wishes for Darshan.

On the work front, Darshan’s upcoming power-packed movie ‘Devil’, directed by Prakash Veer and the teaser was released at midnight. Ajanish Loknath has composed the music for the movie which will be produced under the Vaishno banner.

A total of nine movies have been announced apart from ‘Devil’ on the occasion of Darshan’s 25th anniversary in the film industry. He gave two call sheets to director Tarun Sudheer.

On the special day, another new film’s short teaser was released on the social media page ‘X’. The movie will be produced under director Prem’s KVN Production and will hit the screen by 2025.

Popular producers including Ramesh Pillai, Shailaja Nag, B Suresh, Mohan Natarajan, Surappa Babu, Satchidananda Induwala, K Manjunath, Raghunath Sogi, Mahesh Sukhadhare, Raghavendra Hegde, and many other producers have met Darsha to get his call sheet for films. He has also announced upcoming movies on his birthday. The demand for ‘D Boss’ has increased further after the huge success of ‘Katera’.

Darshan said that his 25 years of journey in the film industry was not an easy one. “I would say there may have been many changes in the industry or with films. Changes are needed now and technologies have advanced. If films are good, audiences will come from small screens to big screens. The content should be good”, he stressed.

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