8 govt school teachers suspended for involvement in chain link business

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CHITRADURGA: Sixteen government school teachers in Chitradurga have been booked for their alleged involvement in a chain link business. Of them, eight teachers have been suspended from service.

It is said that, not only school teachers but also college lecturers, police personnel, Horticulture Department and other government employees were also engaged in the chain link business.

The Education Department had taken disciplinary action based on a complaint logded by Mallikarjun K. A joint inquiry of these teachers was held and it was confirmed during the questioning that the teachers were involved in the chain link business. The teachers to admitted to their involvement.

Prabhakar, a social activist claimed, “A private company is cheating the public through the chain link business. Government employees, teacher and lecturers are part of the chain link and they are making money by convincing people that products from foreign countries are made in India. They are selling products at double the actual price. Government employees have joined the business unauthorisedly. The company is earning profits in the name of a public figure”.

Deputy Director of Public Instruction (DDPI) Ravishankar Reddy said, “Instead of teaching the students, some of the teachers were found to be involved in private business. A joint inquiry was conducted by the DIET principal and the DDPI in this regard. According to the complaint, the names of 16 teachers were on the list. About eight teachers were provided information about the chain link business and their transactions, but the remaining eight teachers did not respond to three show-cause notices issued by the Education Department. We will continue the joint inquiry on other cases”.

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