5 things to remember while throwing a fun bachelor party for your BFF

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NEW DELHI: If you hear the wedding bells ring for a BFF, don’t just call him up to wish him for the upcoming nuptials. It’s time to throw a fiesta to make his remaining days as a bachelor memorable and fun. And here we are to help you out with these 5 things to keep in mind while planning the perfect bachelor party.

1. Pin your location

Be it a beach resort or a farmhouse, the perfect bachelor party can be held at any location. Just make sure to book it in time. Keep in touch with the groom to schedule the party a few weeks before the wedding.

2. Prop to the top

Add life to your party by adding props like fancy lighting, good-quality speakers, balloons and banners with quirky messages for the groom-to-be.

3. Munches and Gulps

Food to munch and drinks to gulp down are quintessential for any party. And when you’re going to celebrate a future groom’s final moments as a bachelor, it’s a must to have enough shots that nobody goes dry for the night.

4. Set the dance floor

No matter where you plan the party, having arrangements for music and dance is a must. Set up a high-quality music system and get the party grooving all night.

5. Capture each moment

Parties last a few hours, but their memories last a lifetime. Hire a photographer to capture the day’s memorable moments. When you look back at the pictures after a few years, you’re bound to have a smile on your face.

Once it’s all done, just enjoy the jamboree you have worked so hard to plan. And make it a moment your BFF would never forget. (ANI)

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