458 Agniveer candidates set to undergo physical training at 1 EME Centre

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458 Agniveer candidates set to undergo physical training at 1 EME Centre

HYDERABAD: As many as 458 candidates of Agniveer are set to undergo training at the 1 EME Centre, the premier training institute of the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (CEME), officials said.

Brig Suresh G, Commandant, 1 EME Centre on Tuesday briefed the media at the Agniveers Training & Administration & Newly Conceptionalised and Constructed Outdoor Musketry Facility.

Bharat Bhushan Babu, IIS, ADG (Media & Communication), DPR MoD visited the Training Centre of the Corps of EME, 1 EME CENTRE, Secunderabad and took stock of arrangements for the transformation of the Agniveers.

Speaking to ANI Brig Suresh G, Commandant, 1 EME Centre said that 1 EME Centre is responsible for basic training, and advanced and technical subjects for Agniveers of Electronic and mechanical engineers.

“We have received 458 candidates for the ‘Agniveer’ training programme. They will undergo 10 weeks of basic training. It’s a well-calibrated output-oriented programme and the Indian Army is working on it. So that the candidates will be a ‘fit for fight’ soldiers. Thereafter they will undergo technical training under 1 EME training centre and others. The technology is infused for both phases in terms of simulators and in terms of equipment. In coming days, these Agniveers will deliver the nation’s interest,” he said.

“The recruitment process has been completed. The Indian Army has alone recruited 19,000 candidates for Agniveers. The Air Force and Navy have also recruited candidates. The overall target for this financial year is to recruit 46,000 candidates. The army is going to get youthful, better skilled and more technically capable soldiers,” said Bharat Bhushan Babu, IIS.

“If some of them rise up to levels required by the Army, they will get a chance to join the army as a regular soldier. It is going to be a game changer,” he added. (ANI)

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