14 persons, including 2 children, rescued drowning in Goa’s beaches

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PANAJI: Two children, including a three-year-old girl from Karnataka, were among 14 persons who were rescued from drowning off Goa’s beaches and a river over the weekend, which witnessed heavy tourist footfall ahead of the festive week.

Drishti Marine’s lifesavers carried out four double rescues across Anjuna, Arossim, Baga and Palolem beaches. There were also six single rescues, including three off Morjim beach, while the rest of the rescues were reported off Anjuna, Majorda, Baga beaches.

The three-year-old girl from Karnataka almost drowned, had it not been for the timely intervention of the Drishti lifesavers on duty at Baga beach.

The girl was in close proximity to her father in waist-deep water, when a huge wave suddenly swept over the duo.

For a brief moment, the father panicked, as he lost sight of his daughter, the Drishti lifesaver on the beach witnessed the incident and rushed to the three-year-old’s rescue. The girl was brought back to shore and stabilised.

Morjim beach accounted for three rescues, while Anjuna and Majorda accounted for one rescue operational detail each conducted on the beaches respectively. In all the five separate incidents, the individuals involved were brought to shore safely by the trained and adept lifesavers of Drishti Marine.

In another incident, a person suffering from momentary light-headedness was assisted by lifeguards, who cleared his air passage, before transferring him to the nearest health centre for further examination at Candolim. A missing child was also located in Calangute after a quick search operation conducted by Drishti lifesavers.

At Palolem river, a couple from Karnataka attempted to cross a small passage, but were caught in a swift current that threatened to drag them further away into the water body. After hearing loud screams, a local samaritan called out to Drishti lifesavers. Kashinath and Satyawan went into the river with a rescue tube to save the duo.

Both Anjuna and Baga were reported to have had multiple rescues on respective beaches involving Bangalore residents. A 16-year-old and a 35-year-old were caught in a strong current and were unable to swim back to land. Meanwhile, a 33-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman were both unable to swim after being knocked over by a large wave. Drishti lifesavers stationed at the towers on the separate beaches rushed to the aid of individuals, bringing them back to shore using jet skis, rescue boards, and rescue tubes.

A double rescue was carried out at Arossim beach by a Drishti lifesaver with the assistance of a rescue board. Prior to their release, the individuals were subjected to medical testing to confirm that their health conditions had not been impacted by the distressing incident.

One of the Drishti lifesavers performed CPR on a 60-year-old woman after the senior individual fainted suddenly in a shack. The 60-year old’s vital signs reverted to normal after being immediately rushed to the health centre in Candolim. (ANI)

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