120-foot-tall car collapses during Huskur Madduramma temple fair near Electronics City

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Public TV English
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The 120-foot tall rath (car) came crashing down.

BENGALURU: A massive car (rath), measuring about 120 feet tall, came crashing down during the Huskur Madduramma temple fair at Heelalige near Electronics City in Anekal taluk on Saturday. Luckily, there was no loss of life.

The historical Huskur Madduramma temple fair draws huge crowds and cars from nearby villages take part in the event. The 120-foot-tall car was being drawn by oxen and tractors when it leaned to the left at collapsed at the turn where the Kammasandra hypermarket is located.

Residents of more than 15 villages take part in the temple fair including from Tamil Nadu, and cars from about 20 villages are also part of the festivities. However, due to the electrification of the Bengaluru-Salem railway line, some of the village cars cannot participate and only seven are part of the temple fair now. Each car is drawn by 70-90 pairs of oxen.

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