11 people brain dead in a month at Bengaluru’s Victoria Hospital

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BENGALURU: The trauma centre at Victoria Hospital in the city is seeing a rising number of brain injury cases and eleven people have been declared brain dead in a single month. In a humanitarian guesture, their family members have donated the organs of the brain dead.

Eleven brain dead patients donated their organs at the Victoria Hospital trauma care centre.

The brain-dead patients who donated their organs were honoured by the hospital staff members and the Jeevasarthakathe team. A majority of brain dead people died as a result of illness or accident.

In the last three years, the number of cases of brain dead people has increased. In 2019, 105 cases were reported, followed by 31 cases in 2020, 75 cases in 2021, and 130 cases in 2022.

In the latest such case, Shankarnarayan, a resident of Girinagar, was declared brain dead and his family donated his organs.

“Compared to the last two years, organ donation is up this year. Many people have registered to donate their organs since the death of Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar. If a person donates his organs, he can save seven to nine lives. At the Victoria Trauma Centre, many cases relating to accidents and brain injuries are reported. The doctors counsel the family members of the brain-dead patients about organ donations. The organs are collected by through Jeevasarthakathe and allocated to patients registered with the Health and Family Welfare Department as per seniority. People need to be aware of the importance of organ donation”, says Chethan, a transplant coordinator with Jeevasarthakathe.

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