10-year-old photo of Puttige Mutt seer releasing book goes viral, stirs row

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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UDUPI: A controversy is brewing over a 10-year-old photograph of Puttige Mutt seer Sugunendra Theertha Swami releasing a book titled ‘Islam Bhayotpadaneya Dharmavalla’ (Islam is not a religion of terrorism) with Hindu leaders condemning the act after the photo went viral on social media. The book was brought out by Shanti Prakashana.

The 10-year-old photograph is going viral on social media.

The seer who is in line to take over the Paryaya Peetha of the Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt next year, had released the book in 2012. Local Hindu leader Balaji Raghavendra Acharya recently put out an video condeming the act of the seer. “The entire world is plagued by jihadi terrorism and the Hindu community must stand with self-respect. The seer should be questioned about his act”, he said.

Sri Rama Sena chief Pramod Mutalik said that though he respects the seer, he condemns and opposes the act of the seer in releasing such a book. “We have already lost land belonging to Hindus. Countries like Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Indonesia among others have become completely Islamicised. The seer should also realise what has happened to our country in the last 75 years”.

Hindu leader Balaji Raghavendra Acharya and Sri Rama Sena chief Pramod Mutalik have questioned the seer for releasing the book.

Pointing out that illegal Bangladeshi immigrants have completely taken over nine districts in West Bengal, Mutalik said, “Hindus can’t celebrate Durga Puja, ring the bell or light insence sticks. In Kerala, only 40 per cent of Hindus remain. What was the need for the seer to release such a book? He should apologise or else, we will stage a protest in front of Puttige Mutt”, he warned.

Following the controversy, the Puttige Mutt seer’s close aide Hejamadi Sudheendra Acharya said, “The event was held 10 years ago and the photograph is being made viral now to create division in society. The 2012 seminar was held to create communal harmony and seers and religious heads always give importance to peace and harmony which Sanatan Dharma also stresses on. The Puttige seer has always condemned terrorism and has even spoken against it in the White House in the US unmindful of the threat to his own life. This is being done to create divisions in society”, he added.

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