Whoa! Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli’s Oh Humsafar gets over 1 crore views in less than 15 hours


This is insane! Neha Kakkar and Himanshu Kohli’s song ‘Oh Humsafar’ which released yesterday has already clocked over 1 crore views. Of course, the song has everything to make you fall in love right from the music to the lyrics to the amazingly beautiful chemistry between Himanshu and Neha. But little did we expect the viewers will get so hooked on this romantic track. Probably, the dating rumour about Neha and Himanshu is working in favour of this song. 

For all that you know, the internet has been abuzz about Neha and Himanshu’s more than just friendship relationship. People have been stalking their Instagram pictures and guessing if they are officially dating. However, Himanshu exclusively clarified to us that there’s no truth to this speculation as he said, “She is a very, very dear friend to me. We have been working together for quite some time now. Our first association was with the song Sunny Sunny, maybe some people started talking about us since then.”

In case you still haven’t watched Neha Kakkar and Himanshu Kohli’s Oh Humsafar, here watch it below:

Just how beautiful is this song! Where the video starts with Himansh being lonely and Neha joining in to comfort him. Their scenes together are so adorable that you will actually believe there’s something between them for real to do such romantic scenes so convincingly. Interestingly, ahead of this song, Neha too had hinted how they were best friends before and later became ‘humsafars’. She was obviously hinting at the music video but she also asserted that she isn’t thinking of a relationship with Himansh yet and is happy being friends. How much do you admire this couple? Are you too a fan of these ‘Humsafars’? Tell us in the comments below and keep watching this space for more updates.


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