When Salman Khan declared that he is Mr Lonely… – watch video


With the huge number of female fan following that Salman Khan enjoys, it won’t be wrong to say that even at the age of 52, he is the most eligible bachelor of B-Town. He has got the looks that can kill and millions of his female fans would go to great lengths to simply have a date with him. The superstar has had his share of link-ups in the past but sadly is yet to find a partner for life. His marriage has been a topic of discussion for years now, and he has dodged all questions in jest every now and then. We stumbled upon a video of Salman in which he seems to be declaring that he is Mr Lonely. Don’t get it? Watch the video below…

Did that sight not make your day? A shirtless Salman Khan giving a dance performance on stage to Akon’s popular track Lonely is a sheer delight. We like how Sallu is trying to pull a robot dance form, and well, although the song talks about Mr Lonely, our Dabangg Khan doesn’t look sad at all. That’s how Salman is! You’ll often see him smiling, laughing, frolicking and goofing around.

Just last month, at an event held in Mumbai, when asked about his marriage, Salman had revealed why he’s still single. He admitted (in jest, of course) that he cannot afford it! “Marriage has become such a big thing. You spend lakhs and lakhs and crores of money in getting somebody married. I can’t afford. That’s the reason I am a single man,” Salman joked. He even mentioned how his own father got married in Rs 180 and has successfully managed to bring up 5 of them. Moreover, he clarified that he doesn’t intend to get married anytime soon. Well, Mr. Lonely seems to be happy being single. *shrugs*



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