Salman Khan on being blamed for being biased towards certain contestants on Bigg Boss: How does it matter?


Every year, the makers have something new planned for the audience and this year they are promising double the fun as contestants will be joining the show in pairs. Salman Khan, who has been hosting the show, season after season, always guides the contestants throughout their stay inside the house. From scolding them like a teacher to discussing issues like a friend, Salman is a host who has become an integral and inseparable part of the show. Salman keeps the contestants in check during their time in the house, helping them with their issues but also reprimanding them when the time comes. But very few take it in a good spirit and change themselves. Others blame Salman after they get out of the house. Not only that, many threaten Salman too. On the other hand, some use his name to gain some mileage with the media. At the show’s launch, Salman was asked as to how does he feel about it. And guess what did the actor say?

Salman, like we all know, has a devil-may-care attitude and in the same tone, he said, “Its fine! How does it matter?” Well, this is what makes him Bollywood’s superstar. The actor knows how to ignore the negativity around him. This season will have many contestants and thus it will be more interesting to see how as to how Salman will handle all of them.

Meanwhile, rumours were rife that Salman will be co-hosting the show with Katrina Kaif. But the actor cleared the air and joked, “Katrina must have spread those rumours herself. She was asking me that this time it is Jodis? I said, ‘yes’. She said ‘Then I should do it and when I asked why? She said, you do your impromptu thing and I will follow and stick to the script. When I asked her price for this? She said, “We will keep it equal, what’s your price is my price!”




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