[Video] Ranveer Singh spotted dancing away to glory with Sadhguru


When we say Ranveer Singh, we immediately get reminded of this energy booster who can liven up anything and everything. If you are feeling low, just look at his pictures or videos. This man is simply incredible. He is always upto some mischief, so when we saw him seated on a stage in Delhi next to Sadhguru for an event, looking all serious, we couldn’t believe our eyes. He looked pretty sexy in those geeky glasses though. He wore a bundi over a kurta. It was as if he want intently listening to what was happening on stage. Although he looked pretty dishy, a calm and composed Ranveer is no fun, you see. As if on cue, he posted a video on his Twitter account where he is dancing away to glory with Sadhguru. See…like we said! At a time when we were feeling so down and out to work over the weekend, Ranveer comes along and makes it a better day to live. 

So Ranveer went from this…

to this…



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