Tsunami Kitty of Bigg Boss Kannada 3 fame arrested on charges of abduction


Now, this is a real shocker! Bigg Boss Kannada 3 contestant and winner of reality shows like Indian and Thaka Dhimi Tha Dancing Star, Tsunami Kitty has been arrested. The Jnana Bharathi police arrested him for abduction. It seems he also threatened people. Kitty in his alleged illegal activities was accompanied by his friends, Yogendra and Arjun. A bartender named Girish filed a police complaint where he said he was kidnapped on February 28. He said that Kitty and his friends took him to a secluded place where they assaulted him gravely. They took him to leak out information about Deepa and Kaushik who would visit the bar.

Tsunami Kitty is quite a well-known name in the world of Kannada TV. He used to be a vegetable vendor by profession. He is from HD Kote area of Mysuru. In fact, he was supposed to make his debut in a Sandalwood film which would deal with the perils of urbanisation on forested lands. He is also from the interiors of the state. However, the project did not take off as expected. Now, he has been booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) that includes 363 and Section 25(1A) in Arms Act.

The entire story is rather shocking. It seems one of Kitty’s friends suspected his wife of having an affair. As per Girish’s statement, she along with her male friend, Taushik would frequent the bar. They made a plan to kidnap Taushik but instead got involved with Girish, whom they later abducted. He was taken to a spot and told to disclose details about the guy. Later, they kidnapped both of them and took them to a godown where they were repeatedly assaulted. The entire incident was told to TV 9 and reported in IBT.


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