This lady filmmaker left her film’s actress red-faced with her open advances on the sets


Everyone in Bollywood is aware of the fact that this talented filmmaker is attracted to members of the same sex. It seems she felt terribly drawn to the leading lady of her recent project who can be described by millions as quite a femme fatale. Everyone, including the male lead, noticed how she lavished attention on the beautiful actress. The actress understood what was happening but kept mum knowing the high stakes involved in her film. However, there was one incident that left everyone quite embarrassed. It seems there was some issue with the actress’ blouse, which the filmmaker noticed. She pinpointed it to the actress who said she did get it altered by her stylist. But the senior lady was insistent and set off to do the work herself. While doing so, she touched the heroine’s bust, leaving everyone awkward. The hero of the film was also miffed but kept quiet since he did not want any controversy. A source who saw this said the actress seemed to be seething inside but put up a brave face.

The news spread like wildfire and even reached the ears of the actress’ mentor who was furious. She called up the actress and scolded her for not giving a tight slap to the filmmaker in concern. This is not all. She also said that the filmmaker was known for making sexual advances towards female actresses and crew members. It seems the actress stayed mum at the behest of the leading man who hates controversies and treasures his clean image.



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