Sushant Singh Rajput deletes all his Instagram pictures and Twitter posts


We were just going through Sushant Singh Rajput’s Instagram and we noticed something rather shocking. Nope, it was not another shirtless picture where his fabulous abs caught our attention, but rather something that has us concerned. As we tried to scroll down on his Instagram page, it hit us. He has deleted all of his Instagram pictures. Yes, the actor has completely cleaned out his social media page and there are literally only 11 pictures there, with 7 of them dedicated to his new venture “Innsaei”. We wonder what led the actor to revamp his social media page.

The case is pretty much the same with his Twitter handle as you can’t find his philosophical and scientific tweets anymore on the micro-blogging site. He has deleted all of his past tweets and there are only 29 on his timeline currently. The latest post on his social media reveals that he is ambidextrous – or at least he is practicing to become one.

sushant 1

Back in 2017, it was the international star, Tayor Swift, who had swept her Instagram clean. Overnight, all the pictures from her Instagram profile disappeared. Speculations were rife that she was doing this to protest against the alleged data leak by social media moguls. But it was soon evident that she was only announcing her revamped persona for her new single, “Look what you made me do.”

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