Sunil Grover finally breaks his silence on Kapil Sharma’s ill health


Kapil Sharma has been making headlines since the weekend after he went on an abusive rant on Twitter against the malaise of fake news. The comedian was commenting on the Salman Khan verdict. Later, he had a huge showdown over the phone with the editor of an entertainment portal. There, he abused the editor in the choicest of expletives earning the censure of many media houses and journalists. It is being reported that Kapil is suffering from depression, and is now on medication. Since then, a number of people from the comedy entertainment fraternity like Bharti Singh, Upasana Singh, Sugandha Mishra and others have come out requesting people to give space to Kapil. Shilpa Shinde also called for everyone to support Kapil in this hour of distress. The only person, who did not comment so far was Kapil’s former colleague and close friend, Sunil Grover.

Sunil, who is now busy with Dhan Dhana Dhan was asked by a reporter on what he felt about Kapil and his depression. A reporter from YouTube channel, POP Bollywood asked Sunil if he felt it was right on Kapil’s part to abuse a scribe and his family. Sunil, tentatively said that he wishes that Kapil takes good care of his health and makes a comeback. He also stated that his family must take proper care of him. The comedian then diffused the tension by cracking a joke. Check out this video where he is commenting on it…

(Video Courtesy: POP Bollywood)

Kapil’s former colleague Neeti Simoes also wrote an emotional letter where she said that she knew that he was misguided in filing the extortion and mental harassment case against them. She said that they wanted to reach out and help him in this situation. There has been a lot of statements from Kapil’s friend and Firangi director, Rajiev Dhingra and Preeti Simoes on what is the cause behind Kapil’s frail mental state. We hope the comedian gets the right kind of assistance and bounces back stronger.


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