Salman Khan Says His Dad Salim Was Very Cool, Allowed Him To Get His Girlfriends At Home


Some parents are really cool and know how to live as per the current generation. They try to live as per the latest trends and also try to match their lifestyle with their kids. However, there are many parents who fail to understand their children and often end up hurting them by not understanding them.

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Out of so many, there are a few parents who are super cool and they are not just parents but also a friend to their kids. They try to maintain a good rapport with their kids and often share all the things with them.

Well, superstar Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan is same as I mentioned above. He is one of the coolest dads. No, we are are not saying, but the superstar himself said this.

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Salman Khan made the revelation on show Dus Ka Dum and stated, “My father gave me a clear-cut instruction when it came to girlfriends. He gave us the permission to spend time at home rather than roaming around the city,” he said when he asked the celebrity guests this question – “How many per cents of Indians are scolded by policemen for romancing in public?”

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He further added, “The same instruction was applicable to my sisters as well. If they have any good man in their life, they should first tell their parents and not hide anything from them. He has given us the right to take the decision on whom to marry and whom not to marry.”

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Years ago, parents might not have been the same as they are now. After all, it is important to be friends to your kids before being their guardian. It’s important to have them not take risks just to hide things from you. Parents, these days are more open-minded, aren’t they?




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