RTI filled against Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Sanju’ for defaming Indian Jails


Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming film ‘Sanju’ created a buzz in the nation ever since its trailer was launched. From Bollywood celebrities to fans, people couldn’t stop praising the remarkable work done by Ranbir Kapoor and the entire team in bringing the characters to life.

However, the film seems to be in trouble now as an RTI has been filed against the film. It raises an objection on the much-talked toilet scene in the barracks of jail picturized in the trailer. The RTI addressed to Prasoon Joshi, Chairperson of CBFC (Censor Board), raises the concern that the prior information available to the public says that Government and Jail authorities are taking a very good care of the barracks of the jails and no such incident has ever been reported in the past as shown in ‘Sanju’.

It reads, ” The movie Sanju will be seen worldwide and we are sure this will in turn make collections of crores in the figures. No doubt about seeing Ranbir Kapoor’s acting. But the point is throughout the world people always get an image of a particular thing via movies, so, IS it that our Indian barracks are such a BAD that the shit overflows? This particular scene will make a bad impression about the jails and jails authorities of the Indians.”

It also mentioned about Vijay Mallya as, “Already there was a comment by Vijay Mallya that the position of the Indian Jails are such he cannot stay in Indian jails due to. So your scene in the movie proves it.”

The RTI further seeks information about the jail if the scene shown is true. It says, “However as the movie is based on the true incidents faced by Sanjay Dutt we believe he must have faced it then please you give the proof by giving the name of jail, was it Arthur jail road or Yerwada?”

It concludes, reading, “Do not try to mislead the people and spoil the name of the country worldwide for your own benefits. As the information what we have is the Jail authorities work for the betterment of the prisoners as they know the prisoners are Human not ANIMALS.”

The anonymous person further asked the concerned parties to delete the particular scene from the film and to apologize to the nation for trying to spoil the image of the Indian Jail worldwide or else provide the facts and proofs regarding the particular scene.

The person wrote that if no action is taken regarding the same, then they will approach the Court to seek stay on the release of the film.

The letter was addressed to Prasoon Joshi, Chairman of CBFC, and was sent to Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, and Ranbir Kapoor.



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