Rishi Kapoor Doesn’t Recognize His Chandni Co-Star Sridevi, Twitter Reacts


Rishi Kapoor is always in news for all the wrong reasons and it is because of his nature and attitude towards others. The actor is very active on Twitter and keeps sharing things and commenting on other’s post. Well, sometimes he lands in trouble for his comments which does not go well with the internet users and the veteran star trends on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

The actor’s recent tweet did the same thing and again he is in headlines for the same.


On Saturday, Rishi Ji shared an interesting picture on Twitter which was from one of his films. However, he had to face troubles for it because of his caption.

He is quite a straight-forward person and speaks his mind out. He captioned the pic and wrote, “What film is this? And I cannot recognize the actress with me!”.

Well, except Rishi Kapoor, everyone recognized the actress and it was none other than actress Sridevi who is no more with us.

The still was from one of his films that they did together years ago.

Well, the GIF was a bit blurr but it was not that difficult to guess the actress. However, Rishi Ji couldn’t do it and people on Twitter went all crazy.

Tweeps couldn’t handle this and in no time Twitter was filled with various reactions.

Take a look at Twitter reactions here:

“Nobody would have recognised you if she had not worked with you in Nagina and Chandni.”

“come on. you’re kidding right!!? you can’t identify SUPER STAR SRIDEVI who catapulted your career? either you lost your memor. either way, i hope you’ll get well soon. chintuji, cognac sharap hoti. sometimes Cheers!”

Well, apart from some angry tweeps, there were many generous ones who politely helped the actor.

“The late Sridevi! And the movie is Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha! 1997 ..Directed by #ParthoGhosh, “

Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi worked in approximately 10 movies together and all were super hit. Fans simply loved their onscreen chemistry. Some of their best performances together were seen in Nagina and Chandni.


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