Reel-life Queen, Kangana Ranaut’s Manali mansion is nothing less than a palace itself


Kangana Ranaut loves making headlines, doesn’t she? If not for her bold statements, she surprises by taking us on a virtual tour of her new abode in Himachal Pradesh. The Queen actress recently bought a huge property in her hometown, where she planned to construct a palatial home that would suit her standards and taste. Last year the actress had even hinted that she has no qualms in quitting Bollywood because she is done with it. If things didn’t work out for her in Bollywood, she will spend the rest of her days in her beautiful new home in the mountains. And from the pictures that we see, we must say, the actress wasn’t kidding. Ms. Ranaut’s new home is a palace in itself that’s elegant and yet homely.

Architectural Digest India has done a special shoot of Kangana Ranaut’s new mansion, describing the home as ‘white-picket-fence charm.’ The actress had appointed Shabnam Gupta as her interior designer and she let her take all the decisions besides the timber ceiling, that, according to the magazine, she had clicked a picture of in New York. This mansion, that’s situated 2000-meters above sea level, has a view of the snow-clad mountains that’s a dream come true for any nature lover. It’s always a good idea to have a place that’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are stunning paintings all around the house, bright sofas, seats, and rugs to compliment the pastel walls of the rooms. The interior designer has done a fab job of keeping Kangana’s taste in mind and yet giving it a touch of her own. “I thought this would be a retreat but it’s the ultimate party house,” she had said about her home. The actress stays barely two hours away from her original residence in the state, where her parents stay at present.

Kangana’s master bedroom, as described in Architectural Digest, has a classical arm-chair, A Jaipur Rugs carpet and a wall sconce light from Chor Bazaar in Mumbai. The bed and bedside tables are designed by the interior designer as well. The house also has a beautiful glass conservatory, which has a glorious view of the mountains. Her father had supervised everything – from the buying of the land to the construction. The house also has a ‘Dubai style’ room, complying with her mother’s wishes. Kangana told the magazine, “My mum prefers what she calls the ‘Dubai style,’ with chandeliers and lots of glitz. She really wanted me to do at least one ‘Dubai’ room!”


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