Priyanka Chopra: When I entered Bollywood, everyone was somebody’s uncle or somebody’s daughter


Priyanka Chopra headlines the ABC thriller Quantico. She has two Hollywood movies lined up to release this year. She has started working on what is going to be the biggest Bollywood film of 2019, Bharat. When you are that stature what do you do about your past struggles with the evils of the industry? You make sure that no one else faces the same situations! That is what the actress aims to do with her production house Purple Pebble Pictures, which is open for talents across the nation. In an interview with Hindustan Times, the actress has said, “When I entered Bollywood, everyone was somebody’s uncle or somebody’s daughter. It’s very difficult to get inside a production office if you are an actor from no film background.”

Priyanka further added, “My production company was set up with that in mind. Almost all directors we have worked — seven I think — are new directors. My route is very different and it’s a personal journey. The films that I make are important to me and I have a point of view that our entertainment has commercial value and it has a story.

This won’t be the first time Priyanka talked about her brush with nepotism. In this interview, once again, she recalled, “When I joined films, I was already winner of a beauty pageant and still had it a little easy. I got my first few films but I know that I was thrown out of the films because somebody else was recommended, who was somebody’s daughter. I didn’t know people, ki main dinners pe Ja Rahi hun and networking kar Rahi hun. I know that opportunities came to me because of merit. I know that opportunities were also taken from me because of these reasons.”

Way to go Priyanka! We need more entrepreneurs like you in this industry!


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