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Home ENTERTAINMENT Pics: Taimur rides a tricycle in London while Kareena poses

Pics: Taimur rides a tricycle in London while Kareena poses


Celebrity kids have always been there and have always been giving some or the other news. Taimur always tops the chart as he is the beloved son of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. He is always in the eyes of the media.


The media or even people, in general, cannot stop gushing over this cute little munchkin. Taimur is currently on a vacation with Kareena and Saif in London. People here are already missing him but looks like the paparazzi over there to cant stop and his images from London are going viral on the internet. We got to agree that he has fans all over the world and that is how we are able to get his small glimpse here and there.


Taimur can be seen riding a scooter but then he loses balance and falls. And when this happens, Kareena is posing with others. She did not notice that Taimur was getting assistance from a man. Maybe she thought he was in safe hands.

Kids do fall and it is alright. If they won’t fall, how will they learn to get up?






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