Paresh Rawal slams a troll for questioning his contribution towards the Kerala flood relief campaign


Kerala has been devastated by floods this year and celebs are trying their best to make a difference for the people who are reeling under its effect. Common men too have come out in support of those who are affected here. But there are still some who are using the parameters to judge who is a better humanitarian among the celebs. Yes, it’s a really sick notion but trolls have hardly ever made sense. Say for example the man who praised Shah Rukh Khan for his help towards the cause but makes a snarky comment at others including Paresh Rawal doubting their contribution. The latter was quick enough to explain something which everyone should know.

An IANS report claims, “The death toll due to rains and floods in Kerala increased to 370. Shah Rukh Khan’s Meer Foundation has donated Rs 21 lakh to a relief group working amongst flood victims. Jacqueline committed to donate Rs 5 lakh to NGO Habitat for Humanity India’s Kerala Flood Relief Programme. She said in a statement, “I am deeply pained to see the devastation caused by the floods in Kerala. My heart goes out to the people in need and in order to help them, I have decided to donate to Habitat for Humanity India. I am happy that they have undertaken their disaster response work in Kerala. I appeal to all my friends, fans and peers from the film industry to come and support our flood relief work for the people of Kerala.”



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