“Nick is captivated by Priyanka, he loves older women; she really turns him on” – an insider reveals it all!


All eyes on Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas as they make their fondness for each other more and more evident with every passing day. While they are frequently seen hanging out together. They are also not hesitating from expressing their love for each other on social media. Say for that matter, the other day Nick and PC also stepped out on a dinner date where Nick, being a true gentleman, was spotted escorting PC from the car to the restaurant. Now this can’t be a ‘just friend’ bonding right? Well, wait until you read this hot scoop…

A source in interaction with HollywoodLife has now spilled the beans from Nick and PC’s cosy dinner date. “Nick and Priyanka sat in a corner booth, and shared the chocolate bread pudding and a plate of fresh baked cookies. Nick was really attentive to Priyanka. He hardly took his eyes off her all night, and they were deep in conversation the whole time. They were holding hands over the table at one point, and Priyanka leaned onto Nick and rested her head on his shoulder. The chemistry between them was really noticeable. Nick picked up the check, and left a really great tip. They were both very friendly and nice to all the staff, and they make a super cute couple!”, revealed the source.

Turns out it’s Nick who is more smitten by Priyanka and really wants to spend more time with the Desi girl. As the source added, “Nick is captivated by Priyanka, he loves older women and she’s so international and sophisticated. She really turns him on. He says he’s never met another woman like her. He’s very caught up.” However, the source further clarified, “No one is expecting him to settle down with her. Nick’s very sweet and charming and he knows how to treat a woman but he’s still in player mode. It’s a dangerous combination because he really is a great guy. It’s hard not to fall in love with him.”



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