Nia Sharma drops a hint on not being single and we can’t wait to know who the lucky guy is!


Anything about the lives of the celebs attracts the audience. Be it their lifestyle or be it the person they are dating, fans can’t wait to know even the most intimate details about the stars. And when it comes to Nia Sharma, people go crazy. The diva ranked among the top 3 sexiest actresses of Asia. She played a sweet, innocent girl on television, but also broke that image later and showed her bolder side with Vikram Bhatt’s web series Twisted. People have become more curious about her since then and want to know all about her. And if it’s something related to dating, we can well understand how piqued their interests would be. Recently, Nia tried her hands on ‘Ask me anything’ on Instagram, when she was asked, ‘why she is still single in spite of being so sexy?’ Guess what was her answer!

The actress instantly replied, “Who told you I am Single?” This surely dropped as a bomb and left us wondering whom she is dating. Well, Nia is known for being a goofball and she could have been goofing around. But if at all she is dating someone, we want to know who the lucky guy is. Nia is very outspoken and clear about her ways and we can guess if at all she is dating someone, she would announce it soon.


Meanwhile, rumours are rife that the actress has bagged a Bollywood project post Twisted. However, she rubbished the rumours in one of the interactions with us and declared that nothing of that sort is happening.




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