[New pics] Just how handsome does Taimur Ali Khan look in formals!


Okay, this is definitely not what we get to see every day! Did Taimur just get a wardrobe makeover? The otherwise casually dressed Taimur was seen wearing a pair of trousers and a formal shirt, as he stepped out of his playschool last evening and all that we have to say is, just how smart and dashing is this one-and-a-half-year-old boy looking! Whether it’s the bright white shirt that’s casting its reflection on his pretty face or the way his hair has been tidily set, everything about this look of Taimur is so on point. Must say, Kareena seems to be busy ensuring to up her prince charming’s style, just like how she keeps up her style game with every next appearance. After all, isn’t Taimur the new paparazzi favorite? Like how Kareena wants us to believe, “Taimur is the gorgeous baby on this side of the equator.” Here, check out all his pictures below and tell me if you don’t push harder on him today:



That way, Taimur had once also pulled off his dad Saif Ali Khan’s trademark style by wearing a white kurta. Below is the picture we are talking about:


When Saif was asked about Taimur becoming the newest obsession on the internet, he had said, “ You have to see how he looks at a camera. If you point your phone at him, he will look at you. It’s just that way ever since he was born. I think he’s gotten used to it. You can’t shield your kid because then it will become weird. Our paparazzi is anyway, pretty harmless because they just want a picture for their job so they can feed themselves. We are the only nation that poses for the paparazzi. They take the picture and everyone is happy. I told Kareena, “Let’s not hide him.” If everybody calms down, there are fewer people getting stomped on and pushed. Now, it’s chilled and everyone’s used to it. It’s no big deal.”


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