Mira Rajput spills a bedroom secret about Shahid Kapoor; calls him a “control freak” in bed


Not everyone is comfortable in discussing their sex life but looks like Mira Rajput is pretty chilled out that way. We saw how she made candid confessions on her very first appearance on Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan last year. I mean, nobody knew this bold, carefree side of Mira until they watched her be all vocal about her good sex life or say how she doesn’t mind stealing kisses from Shahid even when their families are around. But little did Shahid expect that exactly a year after, Mira will go on to complain about Shahid being a control freak in bed.

So this happened on Neha Dhupia’s chat show Vogue New BFF. Both Shahid and Mira appeared together and as the rules go, Neha made them give out some surprising revelations about their married life and how they are making their arranged marriage exciting. But the moment Neha tricked both of them to state their favorite position in bed, although Sasha slyly tried to dodged the question and even asked Mira to stay mum but the latter was hell-bent on spilling the truth as she said,  “I think he is a control freak. He is always telling me what to do.”

We can’t wait to see how embarrassed Shahid must have got after hearing Mira say this. This episode has already got us so excited. In fact, from what we know, in one of the segments, even Shahid dropped a bomb by commenting on his exes. When Neha asked him ‘Has anyone ever cheated on you and who?’, Mira asked Neha to alter the question a bit and ask Shahid, how many women have cheated on him. To which Shahid replied, “I am sure about one, I have major doubts about another one.”

Keep watching this space because we’re sure there are going to be more explosive revelations rolling out from this Shahid-Mira episode.


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