“Mira likes to be a little extravagant sometimes” Shahid Kapoor gets candid about his marriage- watch video


If you have somehow slept through the announcement, Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput have been blessed with another bundle of joy and it’s a boy! That’s right, the duo has become parents for the second time after Misha and we couldn’t be happier for them. Earlier a source had told us, “Shahid is spending all the time with Mira. If he has to step out it is either for gym or office but otherwise he is constantly by her side.” In fact, Sasha was also spotted escorting wifey after their dinner date, day before Mira was rushed to the hospital.

Gotta say, Shahid’a a keeper. In fact, he recently sat down with Rajeev Masand for a chat and gave us another chance to gush. He spoke about how he has managed to stay grounded even after a career spanning 15 years and credited Mira for the same. He said, “I got lucky. I married Mira. She’s as normal as it gets. We kind of hit it off and decided to get into an arranged marriage. By God’s grace it’s been wonderful, the last three years, and she’s been a huge part of that for me.” The actor also got candid about how they are as a couple and there was another revelation waiting to happen. Speaking about their lifestyle he said, “I’m very simple as a person. And although I might live a very lavish lifestyle, I’m very happy I share my life with someone who has a similar mindset. I’m a little simpler than she is. She likes to be a little extravagant sometimes, which I feel is wonderful.” Now we know how he manages to strike that balance.




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