Kunal Jaisingh: Bharati is a girl any guy would want as his wife


Fans of Ishqbaaaz’s Omkara Singh Oberoi got a pleasant surprise on Gudi Padwa as actor Kunal Jaisingh posted a snap of his engagement with long-time girlfriend, Bharati Kumar. Needless to say, many hearts were broken but fans sent their love for the much-in-love couple. The two met on the sets of The Buddy Project and became friends. Kunal told a publication that he was instantly attracted towards her but it was just friendship for Bharati for a long time. Bollywood Life caught up with the actor for a chat. Talking about the surprise element, Kunal said, “Everyone loves to keep certain things personal. When it comes to me, I am always protective of my relations.

The two got engaged in the Iskcon Temple in the presence of family members and a few friends. Palak Jain, Pratap Hada, Manav Gohil – Shweta Kawatra, Aakanksha Malhotra were the few celebs in the hush-hush engagement. Kunal’s family believes in Vaishnavism. He said, “The decision to have the engagement at Iskcon was taken by our family and even I think that Iskcon is a place where the lord of love can be felt…Lord Krishna. So, any love story should be inspired by him. And as for the New Year date, we officially started a new life all over with the blessing from our family and friends. We also got the blessings of the Supreme Goddess as it was the first day of Navratri.

He further revealed that they haven’t discussed about the wedding as yet. When we asked him if he was planning a destination wedding, he said it was undecided so far. “Well, we are yet to talk on that. We are busy celebrating our engagement. I feel blessed with the feeling she is already mine.”

It is evident that Kunal is floored by Bharati. He says, “She is homely yet modern. She is like water and I feel she can adjust anywhere. Bharati makes the environment very friendly. She is a girl any guy would want as his wife, a girl that a family would look for their son and most importantly, she is the only one for me in this world. And she is mine.” We are sure Kunal’s confession has endeared him to lot many women. Congratulations to you two!


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