Khichdi season 3 episode 2 written update: Praful and Hansa’s superb camaraderie add comic punch to this hilarious episode


After tickling our bones with the first episode, Khichd’s second episode starts on a promising note with lots of comical punches. To take the revenge, the Parekh family decides to rob the bank. Jayshree takes the inspiration of bank robbery from Akshay Kumar’s Aankhen movie and tells her family members to change their get-up. While Praful becomes a blind woman, Jayshree turns a Punjabi man. On the other hand, Himanshu old handicap person and Babuji turns beggar Ramlal.

When they enter the bank, we see typical Hansa and Praful chemistry, which definitely makes you laugh. Himanshu’s signature Gujarati accent adds more punch to the situation. After the robbery, when they came out getting all the money in their original get-up police check their bag near the gate and later realized that there were papers in the bag and not money. When they reach home and feel sad about the incident, Babuji who took the get-up of beggar comes home with the money and later on Jayshree tells that how she smartly exchanged the bag with Babuji to save the money.

The next incident appears when Praful, Himanshu and Hansa go to the prayer meet of their uncle Mangaldas. In the prayer meeting when talk to their aunty Champa Kaki and create weird situations, which again makes the situation hilarious. Soon after prayer meet incident, the next scene comes where Himanshu create some hilarious portraits and as Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone. Though apart from Babuji everyone loves his painting, in fact, they even kept exhibition for his paintings.


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