[In Pics] Taimur is damn happy to be out with Saif Ali Khan


Wednesday morning just got better. Spotting Taimur Ali Khan anywhere makes us really happy. But what gets even better is when you see the toddler laughing heartily. We have a few pictures of the little guy with his dad Saif Ali Khan having a lot of fun. He is so happy to be out in the open. His nannies and even his dad were a bit amused to see how much the little Khan was enjoying his time out in the sun. Just look at the smile on his face… he looks poised to even go for a run if he is not reined in. Check out the pictures and you will know why we are so happy to see him this morning…


When we caught up with Kareena Kapoor a few months back talking about all things Taimur, she did mention how the attention on her son was a bit too much. She said, “I think it is a bit much, but there is nothing that I can do about it. But I would want him NOT to have so much attention. As parents, we do not say much, but we hope that he has as normal a childhood as I wanted him to have. Right now, he does not understand it (the media attention), but at some point, we will make him understand it. I think it is all because of the lights, he is trying to figure out what is this.” But Kareena…your son is so adorable, it’s difficult not to talk about him. Look at these pictures above and you will know!



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