Ibrahim Ali Khan is a mirror image of daddy Saif….


Yes, Taimur is media’s favourite and without second thoughts, but if there’s any one else from the gang of Pataudi boys, who papz love clicking is Ibrahim Ali Khan. Nawab of chote Nawab, Ibrahim has clearly taken after his fatehr Saif, and has grown up to be a handsome, young man. Be it his cricketing skills, or photo-posing abilities, the starlet already has a dedicated fan-following who wait for him to share glimpses of his life as an eligible B-town boy!

While we don’t know if he will get into films and acting yet, (it’s okay neither does Saif), the young lad is naturally photogenic and super easy on the eyes. However, it’d be wrong to say that he did all of this on his own. That’s right, genes have played a huge role and we guess, Ibrahim has papa Said to thank. If you haven’t noticed already, he is the spitting image of Saif and with hints of mom, Amrita and honestly, we couldn’t complain.

VYG_7779 VYG_7780 VYG_7782 VYG_7783 VYG_7784

That nose, that jawline, it literally feels like someone went back in time and re-created a clone of a young Saifu just with shorter locks. Not just that facial features, the casual T-shirt look with a pair of shorts makes us realize how similar he is to his dad when it comes to his style game- effortless!



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