[HQ pics] Taimur won’t go inside his Nani’s house without looking at the paparazzi


Thanks to Taimur‘s arrival in India, we are getting rewarded by his sightings pretty often. These are good days. Today, we were just waiting to get his darshan and he arrived. Looking like the cutest kid you have ever seen, Taimur with his nanny was spotted outside Nani Babita’s house. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma had already made it to the house. But little Nawab came in early. He was so fascinated to see his paparazzi friends that he made sure he looked at them before he was taken inside. This guy has become quite used to photographers clicking his pictures rapidly. Such a star we tell you… Check out the pictures right here 


Taimur’s popularity has even taken his grandmother Sharmila Tagore by surprise. A report suggested that she said, “He is more famous than I am.” When Kareena was pregnant with Taimur, Tagore admitted that she was in awe of the actress. “Kareena has been so lovely. She has carried her pregnancy effortlessly and gracefully… kisiki nazar na lag jaye. She is enjoying every moment of her pregnancy. She is dressing up, going out and being so natural and beautiful about it,” the veteran actress had said. Saif equally admires Taimur’s social life which he thinks is actually more happening than his life. “I think the whole country loves Taimur (smiles). He’s a great energy to have around you. He has quite a happening social life, too. Right now, he is not even home, he’s gone for his evening time out with friends! He’s very busy, ” joked Saif.




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