Here’s why Salman Khan chose not to tweet about Sridevi’s sudden demise


Sridevi’s sudden demise has left a void in all our hearts and it can never be filled. The past couple of days have been mentally draining, especially for the family. We told you recently how Salman Khan was very close to the actress and that they bonded over art, quite a lot. Salman is also very close to Boney Kapoor, who has produced No Entry. Salman and Sridevi have also done a couple of films together. “After me and the kids, painting is her main passion. Now her paintings have reached a level of professionalism where they can fetch a handsome price,” Boney had said in 2010 after one of her paintings got accepted at an international art auction.

Salman was one of those few actors/ friends to whom she gifted a portrait done by her. In fact, it was Salman who convinced her and motivated her to take up painting again. For all of you guys wondering why Bhai hasn’t tweeted a word about Sridevi, the reason is pretty simple. Like we all know, Salman is extremely private about his life and he felt tweeting wasn’t the right thing to do. He has gone to meet the family at their Lokhandwala residence now where mortal remains of the actress have also reached. Some feelings cannot be shared and loss of a dear friend is one of them.

Salman has always been all praise about Sridevi’s body of work and the films she has done. Even when he had to introduce her at the Zee Cine Awards where she was honored with the Star Of The Millenium award, he said, “Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay (Kumar), and I have all done many films. Aamir may have done about 50 films – as he does only one film per year; Shah Rukh may have done more than 100 films. Put together, we may have all done about 250-275 films. But amidst us stands a legend who has done over 300 films in different languages. She can be a mother, she can be a child, a singer, dancer and even a Charlie Chaplin. God alone knows how she has managed to do what she has done. But she has done it, and I am talking about none other than Sridevi.”

The actress was given the award for her contribution to Indian cinema for 50 years.


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