Harshvardhan Kapoor trying to steal Deadpool 2’s thunder at the screening…


Deadpool 2 released today and everyone has already booked their tickets to check it out. That’s because the foul-mouthed superhero is a favorite of many. So while everyone is gearing up to see what he has up his sleeves, an Indian vigilante and superhero by the name of Bhavesh Joshi is trying to borrow some of Deadpool’s limelight. Yesterday, Harshvardhan Kapoor went to watch Ryan Reynolds’ film dressed as the superhero that he plays in Bhavesh Joshi. It was obviously a surprise for everyone but the actor seemed really happy to be there. What’s better was that Varun Dhawan turned into a photographer to click him in the superhero getup. Varun even asked Harshvardhan as to what was Bhavesh Joshi doing at Deadpool 2’s screening. The desi superhero revealed that all superheroes should join hands for justice. We don’t know if Deadpool will echo the same sentiments, but we must say Harshvardhan knows how to promote his film. This is only his second and yet he has managed to get a hang of how the publicity blitzkrieg works in Bollywood. Check out the pictures right here…

harshvardhan VYG_5781


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