Happy birthday Sunny Leone: In These Pictures Sunny proved she was born to be a diva..


Today is extra special for Sunny Leone. It’s her 37th birthday, but what Sunny is more excited about is the fact that this day coincides with Mother’s Day. But naturally, the day will be spent and celebrated in the company of her three children – Nisha Kaur Weber and twins Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber. We’re a quite sure hubby Daniel Weber must have planned a good surprise for Sunny, which we’ll possibly know later in the day. Sharing about her birthday plans, Sunny said to IANS, “It’s pretty cool that both are on the same day. I am not sure about my birthday but I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day.” Talking about how life has changed post motherhood, Sunny said, “I am the same person but now I have more love to spread to my kids. I’m so happy about being a mother.”

That’s the youngest of Sunny we’ve seen so far…


Here with her daddy dearest


Sunny’s tomboyish avatar, yet the sweetness is in her persona is intact


That’s Sunny in her early days in showbiz! 


This would the most carefree picture of Sunny we’ve ever seen



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