From Mr India to Chaalbaaz – A look at Sridevi’s immensely funny scenes


It was in the wee hours of Sunday, a message on my phone read, “Sridevi has passed away.” Like many, I refused to believe it. “How could that happen? She was just having so much fun at a wedding two days back?,” I told myself. I was hoping for this to be yet another celebrity death hoax, but sadly, Sridevi had indeed passed away. As soon as I read the confirmed news, I just sat down on the couch and her best scenes on-screen played in my head. In a male-dominated industry, Sridevi’s many avatars – the glamorous diva, queen of comedy, and the de-glam diva – she stimulated the imagination of the entire nation. She proved that a beautiful looking lady can be funny too. Her comic timing was impeccable, there is no denying it.

How can we forget her work in Shekhar Kapur’s Mr. India? She played an absent minded reporter who falls in love with a vigilante having the power to turn himself invisible. She danced, showed her sensuality and imitated Charlie Chaplin in a nearly nine-minute long sequence (which specifically got her a lot of praise). The fact that she was paid almost a crore in a movie, which majorly had Anil Kapoor’s presence says it all.

Although Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja, produced by her future husband Boney Kapoor, was a massive flop, we still cannot get over this scene in which she plays a Madrasi woman and pretends to blame Anil Kapoor’s character of ruining her life.

And the time she turned a make-up artist in one of her best films, Chaalbaaz. A comedy about twins separated at birth and swapped in adulthood, this one also stars Sunny Deol and Rajinikanth, but it is a Sridevi show all the way.

When you are enacting a comedy scene with Govinda, you have to up your game. And Sridevi did that quite easily in their film, Gair Kaanooni. With her tomboy act, she lit up the screen.

In Jawaab Hum Denge, she is knock-out in a scene where she is a police officer and investigates in a hotel. She is neither goofy, nor silly here, but leaves a lasting impression.

Heroines were not meant to be funny. We were not suppose to laugh at their jokes. They were just there to be by the hero’s side as a prop. But Sridevi chose to be an exception.



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