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EXCLUSIVE! Shruti Haasan on getting married in 2018: No. The answer is a big firm no. I am not getting married this year.


Beautiful? That’s her! Sassy? That’s her! Goofy? That’s her too. Above all, she’s multifaceted. This actress-singer-writer, although the daughter of a veteran actor, has held her own through all these years. Today she is one of the most known faces in the Tamil and Telugu industry. We are talking about Shruti Haasan! Today is her birthday and guess what? Bollywoodlife EXCLUSIVELY got in touch with her to talk about her birthday plans, her upcoming projects, social media fan frenzy and most importantly, Michael, her beau. Here goes:

You are usually excited about your birthday, so what’s the plan?

I am (excited) I am still like a nine-year-old child who goes like two days to go for my birthday. I think it’s still the one thing I am most excited about. even more than Christmas or Diwali. That’s never going to change. but I am not doing anything major. I am just happy to be in LA and meet a lot of friends. (The idea is) to be around close friends and have a nice, simple birthday with the people I love.

So, Kamal Sir won’t be joining you this time?

No, unfortunately, it will be a non-family birthday. I will go back and celebrate (with them)

What’s your birthday resolution for 2018?

Just to be happier with every passing year and be more clear about what I want.

Will Michael (Corsale) be part of the birthday plan?

Yes, He is my friend so he will be around. I am not trying to be secretive. It’s just something I unnecessarily don’t want to put the spotlight on. That’s it. I am not hiding anything. I don’t feel the need to discuss it in detail. (About her relationship with Michael)

One quality you admire in him.

He is very calm. His calmness. And his beard (laughs) If I grew to a beard, I would like one like him. He has been a great influence. I think calmness brings clarity and that’s a good thing.

Is Shruti Haasan getting married in 2018?

No. The answer is a big firm no. I am not getting married this year. So everybody can relax (laughs) If I am doing it, there’s nothing to hide. But it’s just that I am not doing it right now.

How was it shooting for Karthik Srinivasan’s Calendar 2018?

Oh, that was really fun. I have known him for a while. And In fact, I have always had a good association with him. This calendar looked like a lovely idea and I am really happy he asked me to be a part of it. He had a lot of ideas about what I could do and I am really happy I could do Frida Kahlo. She is one of my favorite artists. Not just that, I (connect with) her as a woman, her spirit and her ability to stay unique. I felt really wonderful that I could channel (my) Frida Kahlo for this calendar.

Your Instagram account is a fun place to be. 3 social media tips you would like to give people who are joining Insta?

It’s so funny that there are so many people that I know that have official social media companies that handle them. I never did have it. At a young age when I first studied out here in LA, my failing in it (social media) was huge. Because you would get to connect with other people, other musicians. You meet people you would never have otherwise. You hear opinions you wouldn’t hear from your group of friends. I think it’s a great connector. I was, in fact, one of the first people to join Twitter You get to see a different side of people. Unless you see or give an interview, It’s difficult to put that (other) side across all the time. ( Social media) makes it easier. People realize that oh! she is not all that serious, she’s like fun and one of us. The thing I would say is just yourself. And also very important to take even the negativity that comes your way, very light heartedly and laugh it off. Never take seriously, what somebody doesn’t have the guts to say to your face. Never take it seriously.

How do you handle Trolling on social media?

For me, I have some incredible fans on Twitter who I really adore. They message me all the time. Every time I open Insta or Twitter, especially Twitter I see so much love from them. And I keep in touch with some of them because they are really really positive. At the same, they are people like ‘who do you think you are’ you suck. Then I am like, why did you come to my page It’s kinda sad. Trolling in India, I find it really funny because some of the really mean trolls have really bad grammar. Well they don’t know it the language) quite well so It’s understandable but if you are going to attack me you might as well be grammatically right.

When are we seeing Shruti Haasan on the big screen? What are your upcoming projects?

I took a step back because I felt like I owed it myself to kind of recharge and do things on my terms ( a little bit) In 2018, I am going to be announcing something soon which I am excited about. Can’t talk much about it now but you will know soon. And a lot more of music as well. It’s something I miss very much and enjoy very much. Going to do a lot more of live shows, ( I really miss doing live) Trying to strike a balance.


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