EXCLUSIVE! Salman Khan reveals how he got real-life heroes on board for his Being Human Campaign – Watch video


Apart from shattering several box office records, the megastar of Bollywood Salman Khan is also known for his kind-hearted gesture and charity work. Yesterday, the 52-year old actor shared the interesting news on Twitter that he will showcase the stories of real-life heroes through his Being new campaign #LookGoodDoGood. He shared the video on his Twitter account and captioned it, “With the #LookGoodDoGood campaign we wish to celebrate these unsung heroes by sharing their stories with everyone. So share your story or nominate someone and the hero of the story could be featured in our next campaign”

In the last year, we told you exclusively, how Salman Khan took on board the real-life heroes for his campaign through an interview. He said,  I met a few of these young heroes personally and was blown away by the kind of charity they do. Where one runs an initiative for social development. The other has this beautiful company that makes shoes for physically disabled people. He says, “For me, shoemaking is no longer a business, it’s about love and spreading more smiles.

Ask Salman what got him to team up with these inspiring champs or like how he calls it, the unsung heroes, he said, “You know I keep on saying that when you want to do something or when people tell me that how do we get involved with Being Human, I just say come out of your house, look right, look left, see somebody who needs help. It’ll either be education or health, take him to the right doctors. Don’t give them the money. Instead, take them to the right educational institute and pay the fees there. Now, this is what I believe that everyone can be at home and start doing Being Human work. So the charitable trust is just not mine but everyone’s charitable trust. It’s not necessary that you have to or maybe it’s damn good if you want to put in your money into Being Human because we give you a whole accountability of where does your money go etc. etc. But this is another way to do it. You know you see somebody who really needs help and they are deserving, so you go straight there and if you can help, just be nice to somebody then it’s more than enough I guess.”

On the professional front, Salman Khan is currently shooting for Race 3 which is set to hit the screens during Eid this year.



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