EXCLUSIVE! Janhvi Kapoor pays a special tribute to Sridevi at the beginning of Dhadak


Like any other mother, Sridevi was hoping to see Janhvi Kapoor pursue her dreams and shine like a star. Say for that matter, even in her last interview, the veteran actress had mentioned about preparing Janhvi for the comparisons that will be made once she steps into the industry. “We can’t run away from that. She has to face the pressure. When she has decided to enter Bollywood, she has to go through all this. She’s prepared for all that, and I am also preparing myself for it. Sometimes, it scares me. So many thoughts come and you feel why is she doing this? But then, if you feel that is her aim and happiness, as a mother, I will support her like my mom supported me. We weren’t from a film background but it happened and she stood by me, fought for me and made sure I am happy. That’s how I would also like to be with Janhvi,” said the loving mother. Little did anyone expect that Sridevi will breathe her last on February 26 and wouldn’t be around to see her daughter become an actress one day…

Today, as Janhvi finally gears up for the release of her debut film Dhadak which is due to release on July 20, she is only hoping to live upto her mom’s expectations and make her proud. As a source EXCLUSIVELY reveals to us, “Janhvi has written a heartfelt note to Sridevi which has been attached in the very beginning of the film, along with their picture. She wanted to dedicate her first film to her mother and it was only obvious for the makers to include this special tribute in the film.”




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