Essential Pairs Of Shoes Every Girl Must Own


A lot of people underestimate the difference a cool pair of shoes/heels can actually make to your outfit. Sometimes, it can even make it, or break it. So here are the most essential must-have shoes that every girl should own.

  1. Black Stilettos 

This is probably a holy grail of a shoe when it comes to a pair of heels, because a black pair is just so versatile and classy. It can be paired with various kind of looks, be it a formal event, a party, a date etc.


2. Black Ballet Flats

When on talks about comfort and versatility, ballet flats are what come to my mind. They can be worn on an everyday basis for happy and comfortable feet. They also pair very well with, skirts, shorts, dresses and even jeans.


3. White Strappy Stilettos

For giving your look a hint of daintiness and class, a white strappy pair of stilettos is what you’re looking for. They make your feet stand apart and also, and make them look elegant.


4. Black Converse

The universal code of cool and comfortable is a pair of black converse. Famous and worn usually by kind and college-goers, these babies come in all the possible colours and patterns you can imagine. But having a sleek black pair, is a must!


5. Flip Flops

When the summer heat is killing you and everything feels like a huge friggin’ task, slip into a pair of flip flops and wear your summer woes away. Not only are they easy to carry around and wear, but they are super affordable! You can wear them at the beach, at the park on a sunny days, when you’re going out to run some errands etc.



6. White Sneakers

These babies have been trending for quite a while now. The look uber-cool for a good sporty trendy outfit.


7. Boots

There are boots for every occasion available. It gives you the girl-next-vibe and is a good option or the winters.


8. T-Strap Slippers

So chic and so comfy. These sandals allow your feet to breathe, keep the comfortable and make them look stylish as hell.


9. Sport Shoes

To stay fit, to go to the gym, to workout and to go for a run, a comfortable pair of sports shoes are a necessity.


10. Wedges

Do you want to wear heels and still be comfortable the whole day? Well, wedges are the best choice.



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