Did you know Bishal Sharma, Manashi Sahariah and Bir Radha Sherpa have something in common? – find out


Last night, Bishal Sharma from Assam lifted the Super Dancer 2 trophy. He was one of the best and toughest contestants right from the beginning. While Akash from Dehradun was leading till the end, it was a last minute hike in numbers for Bishal that helped him bag the prize. He has put forth some exciting acts including one where he danced with skates on ice. Congratulations are pouring in for the little fella. In fact, the winner of Dance Plus 3 Bir Radha Sherpa also posted a motivating message for Bishal. There is a similarity between Bishal, Bir and Manashi Sahariah, the winner of The Voice India Kids 2. All of them hail from the northeast and are residents of Assam.

The tiny state is known for its love for the performing arts. It is not unusual for kids to train in some art form along with their studies, whether it is music or dance. However, what makes Bishal and Bir’s achievements more remarkable is that they come from marginalised backgrounds. While Bir was raised by his mother, who runs a stall selling momos, Bishal’s father is a milkman. Surely, the victory seems a lot for the families as well. These kids are mostly self-taught, learning from online tutorials and videos. Surely, dance has caught the imagination of young kids all over India. These kids have, what is called as, raw talent, and they proved that they have the mental strength and flair to succeed at the big stage.

It is rare to see kids from big metro cities win a reality show. It is obvious that the support that comes in from a small town is far greater. TV shows have also been traveling all over India to put the best talent on their platform. While the debate of reality shows exploiting kids will continue with some very strong points, it is evident that for many such opportunities are the key to a better life.


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