Curious about Bhandari from Veere Di Wedding? Lets Peek Here…Meet Vishwas Kini


I watched Veere Di Wedding on Saturday and all I could talk about was Bhandari. He was desperate, clingy and everything that can put you off guys for a long time and yet by the end of the film, he was the one character that stayed with me. That’s because the guy who played him embodied a rich spoilt Delhi guy to the hilt. That made me very curious about him. ‘Kaun hai ye aadmi?’ Okay, sorry for the bad joke but I genuinely was very intrigued about him. Fortunately, I got to speak to him today and found out, although he is unlike Bhandari, he does agree there is a Bhandari in every man. Let us tell you a bit about this lad who is gaining a lot of popularity, thanks to his creepy ways and that charming sly grin.

For starters, his real name is Vishwas Kini. I pestered him to tell me his name in the film because he is only addressed as Bhandari. Even Sonam Kapoor asks him about his name in the film. But he just won’t give in. “I would have to say no to this question of yours, I am sorry,” is all I got. When I asked why, he said, “That’s a secret.” I tried to prod further saying I have watched the film anyway, so he can tell me his character’s name. Well, the guy was persistent. Till the end, he didn’t budge.

Now coming to his journey, when asked how it’s been till Veere Di Wedding happened to him, he said, “Journey was a learning experience. I came to Mumbai in 2010. I did theatre, I did casting, I wanted to learn. I worked with Shanoo Sharma and Mukesh Chhabra. Both of them were very good mentors. They saw the potential in me. I always wanted to do a film like Veere… I worked hard for this.” On his Instagram page, there’s a picture of his mother at the theatre watching the film. When asked about it, he said, “She has been waiting for 8 years for this day. She is going to watch it again on Wednesday. My parents were very happy.”

Why go with such a character for your debut film? “Character hone chahiye zindagi jaise. Thode galat ho thode sahi ho, bahut bure ho, bahut sahi ho. It should be flawed,” Vishwas signs off!



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