Canadian PM Trudeau meets Bollywood celebs during India trip


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family are on a week-long visit to India and met with Bollywood celebrities during an event held yesterday (20 February).

Two of the biggest stars in Bollywood Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan were present at the event. Trudeau tweeted pictures of meeting the Khans thanking them for their support in increasing new co-production opportunities between Canada and India.

Rock On star Farhan Akhtar said Trudeau’s discourse for ending gender discrimination was a constant inspiration for all.

Anupam Kher also met Trudeau and said he was impressed with the Candian PM’s conversation skills.

According to reports in the Indian and Canadian media, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sidestepped his Canadian counterpart over the Trudeau administration’s perceived support for Sikh separatists and dealings with Sikh groups in Canada.

Canada is home to roughly half a million Sikhs and a significant number appear to back a decades-long Sikh campaign in India´s northern Punjab state for an independent homeland of Khalistan.

Trudeau was received by a junior minister when he arrived at New Delhi airport on Saturday and by district officials when he visited the historic Taj Mahal monument in Agra the next day.

Modi often meets leading heads of government at the airport with bear hugs and cheerful photo-ops.

He was again missing however when Trudeau visited Modi’s home state of Gujarat on Monday.

The social media-savvy Modi, who has 40.4 million Twitter followers, is also yet to tweet a welcome message to Trudeau as he does customarily for other leaders.


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