Calling Karan: KJo’s advice to Swara Bhasker on how to shut trolls down is bang on!


We got to admit, Karan Johar is dropping truth bombs on his show, Calling Karan like nobody’s business! And giving us snippets to talk/gush about on a daily basis. And while conjectures over coffee are his trademark, we love the inner love guru avatar he has channelled for his stint as an RJ. In fact, if you haven’t guessed it already, the film-maker with multiple hats has done it again in the last webisode where he spoke extensively about things we all wanted to hear and use in our lives.

However, just when we thought it will be the usual drill, actress Swara Bhasker called in to seek advice on how tackle abusive trolls who have nothing better to do. And the man of the moment, being the maestro that he is put together an answer that is applaud-worthy. “Swara, do what I do. I always deal with social media trolling with absolute amusement. The fact that you matter, that’s why they troll you. So I mean, please don’t worry about it. If you want to wear makeup and fight for a social cause, it’s your prerogative, it’s your problem. They’re just probably unhappy, unattractive and just bored and unemployed, and I think you should just feel a lot of pity for them and move on as feistily and fiery-ly as you always do.” Hear that, internet?




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